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The Shipping Companies Are About to Meet the Peak Season

The pandemic hit hard these years. Demand has continued to outpace supply throughout all of 2021, and shippers can expect to face many of the challenges with the approach of this holiday season.

High demand, an industry wide driver shortage and manufacturing delays on new trucks are some of the a wide variety of factors, that have strained the capacity all year. Shifting consumer behaviors – like the sustained preference toward e-commerce – add to these existing challenges, resulting in a recipe for a hectic year of holiday shopping. In fact, peak parcel demand is expected to outpace capacity by 4.7 million daily shipments.

Technology will likely be the differentiating factor between shippers that manage to thrive during the chaos of the next several months and those simply trying to survive. Shippers need to embrace technologies that allow them to take a proactive approach to managing their supply chains before they find themselves underwater. Tools that provide predictive — and even prescriptive — analytics are the simplest way for shippers to plan ahead and prepare for their peak seasons. This is especially true when predictive analytics are coupled with prescriptive analytics, allowing shippers to visualize their next best steps ahead of time. 

So prepare ahead if you want to win!